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Here are some strategical figures and other interesting things about this particular Wiki.

Application name {$applicationname}
Base address {$baseurl}
JSPWiki Engine Version {$jspwikiversion}
Character Encoding {$encoding}
Total Number of Pages {$totalpages}
Current Uptime {$uptime}
Current Page Provider {$pageprovider}
Current Attachment Provider {$attachmentProvider}
Available InterWiki links {$interwikilinks}
Inlined images are {$inlinedimages}
Additional Plugin Search Path {$pluginpath}


Do we beautify titles? {$jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces}
Do we match english plural forms? {$jspwiki.translatorReader.matchEnglishPlurals}
Are CamelCase links used? {$jspwiki.translatorReader.camelCaseLinks}
Is HTML allowed on pages? {$jspwiki.translatorReader.allowHTML}


Do we generate RSS files? {$jspwiki.rss.generate}
If we do, what’s the file name? {$jspwiki.rss.fileName}
How often is the RSS updated? {$jspwiki.rss.interval}

Pages currently being edited


JSPWiki home page is at http://www.jspwiki.org/. Welcome!


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